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Welcome to the website of CINDU DE COSTA RICA, S.A (CINDU COSTA RICA). By entering this page, you acknowledge that you have read these Terms and Conditions and accept and undertake to comply with them. You must not use this site if you object to these Terms and Conditions.

1.- Applicable legislation.
This website will be governed by the Law No. 8968: Protection of the Person against the processing of their personal data (Ley No. 8968: Protección de la Persona frente al tratamiento de sus datos personales).
Consequently, all the information contained therein corresponds to products and services provided within the Republic of Costa Rica.

2.- Intellectual Property
CINDU COSTA RICA owns the copyright of this site and has the exclusive right to use the CINDU brand and to market all the products produced and marketed under the said brand. Consequently, you may not use or make copies of the brand or any advertising material and content of the page without the express authorization of CINDU COSTA RICA given in writing. The improper use of any of the Brands that identify products marketed by CINDU COSTA RICA is strictly prohibited.

3.- Limitations of liability.
You understand, acknowledge, and accept the risks of using the page, including that you are using the software and services offered through this site at your own risk. You acknowledge that CINDU COSTA RICA does not guarantee in any way that this site is free of viruses, bugs, or codes of a contaminating and destructive nature. THE COMPANY will not be responsible for any damages that may be caused to the user by using this site.

4.- Personal data collected:
By using this page, you agree that CINDU COSTA RICA collects the following information:

1. Identification Data;
2. Contact Data
3. Navigation and device data, including IP address, geographical location, browser type, system type, content, and pages visited.

We may collect these categories of personal data directly or indirectly; Therefore, our Privacy Notice will always be made available for consultation at any time that you require or request it. CINDU COSTA RICA does not process or request sensitive personal data.

If you provide identification and contact data of third parties for customer service or commercial information purposes, you must inform them about the existence of the processing of their personal data and the content of this Privacy Notice.

When you provide personal data of third parties, you state with your delivery that you have the consent of their owners to provide their information to CINDU COSTA RICA.

CINDU COSTA RICA does not request personal data from minors through forms or questionnaires. If despite the above, you provide the personal data of minors, or they provide it directly to CINDU COSTA RICA, we will understand that their parents or guardians have consented to the delivery of said data.

5.- Use of personal data
By entering the page, you accept that CINDU COSTA RICA uses your personal data for the following PRIMARY PURPOSES:

a. To offer you the products and services that we make available to you through our social networks and website.
b. Contact and provide you with information about the services and products that we make available when you request them on our website, using your phone, email, or through instant text messaging.
c. Follow up on complaints, suggestions, complaints, doubts and/or clarifications.
d. Manage your corresponding registration in our communication channels such as newsletters or news bulletins and communicate the publication of new content in said channels.
e. Control and administration over the registration and management of our relationship with clients.
f. Data analysis through the use of analytics, artificial intelligence, and/or big data technologies to evaluate the use of our online services, improve their presentations, and/or correct errors.
g. To comply with judicial or administrative obligations and requirements, including the delivery of information on fraud or identity theft.
h. Archive of information on the use of our services for compliance with applicable legal provisions, including the defense of the interests of CINDU COSTA RICA before judicial or administrative instances.

Additionally, if you have not expressed your opposition, CINDU COSTA RICA may process your personal data for the following SECONDARY PURPOSES:

a. Sending commercial, advertising, promotional and informative communications, as well as personalized offers based on your interests and consumption history related to the services and products that CINDU COSTA RICA markets or brands of our business partners. Such communications include sending emails, SMS, telephone calls, and other electronic or postal communication forms.
b. Surveys of satisfaction, consumption habits and/or studies to improve our services.
c. Sending invitations for events, fairs, exhibitions, presentations, contests, training, promotions, or other types of activities organized or sponsored by CINDU COSTA RICA.
d. Generation of user profiles through the use of analytical technology or big data.

CINDU COSTA RICA may share your information (carry out transfers of personal data) in the following cases and for the indicated purposes:

1. Towards our affiliated companies or subsidiaries of CINDU COSTA RICA, for the purpose of centralized safeguarding of information or filing of information on the use of our services.
2. Judicial or administrative authorities for the fulfillment of legal information obligations or information requirements duly founded and motivated in the applicable regulations.

6.- Modification of the Terms and Conditions.
CINDU COSTA RICA may modify the Terms mentioned above and Conditions. Any re-entry to the Site will mean that you have read and accepted them with their modifications. ,
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